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Some implements from Tibet

Friday, August 13, 2010


The ITSUTSU-NO-KATA has five forms that are meant to evoke the movements of the UNIVERSE or the natural motions of GREAT NATURE and it is likely that this s more 'esoteric' from of JUDO created by the late Dr. Jigoro Kano may well have been increased and expanded and also each form named by him, but his 1938 death prevented this and that is why only five are known-BUT-very few persons know them or do them, let along, understand them-THESE NATURAL & EFFICIENT MOTIONS can be seen in various martial arts systems and in occult rituals and rites and related things, if one observes carefully when possible or undertakes a study and practice. One can glimpse TIDAL & WATER MOTIONS somewhat in these techniques done by two persons,and I suspect that Dr. Kano developed these after learning about and seeing AIKIDO before he died(I am not sure, but I think he actually met OSENSEI UESHIBA and had some aikido taught at the Kodokan and sent one or two judoka to study Aikido(TOMIKI being one of them).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

थे फिगुरे 'एइघ्त'(८) पत्तेर्ण इन मर्तिअल आर्ट्स

Martial Artists use many motions and patterns in their basics and in their forms, which are often grouped as 'kata' to use one Japanese word most familiar to practitioners now in vogue...and often described by the competitive minded as 'useless' or by those who demand 'practical self-defense' and street or military tactics....all well and some instances.....but on an esoteric level, THE FIGURE EIGHT or INFINITY SIGN(when on its side) is an example of a universal pattern found in GREAT NATURE & THE UNIVERSE and in several martial arts, such as ARNIS DI MANO,etc.... Many examples of this 'SACRED GEOMETRY' can be given and also demonstrated to some extent....The more effective blocks, parries, deflections, strikes,kicks,etc. tend to follow the more natural curves, motions, pathways,etc. which can be termed, 'FLOW'...... To discover and understand such, you have only to look at certain things to obtain an insight......many patterns and forms tend to repeat themselves, endlessly or make a particular direction.....which can be found in many esoteric symbols, which will not be discussed here beyond the 'figure-eight'... Here is an exercise that one can do and perhaps find out something, if only about themselves..... Go to a laundrymat or mart and watch the dryers spin around, especially if they are paired,up and down, ones across a wall and if nearly all of them are in motion.... what do you observe? Most of you will tend to find the motions very monotonous and repetitive and this is what GREAT NATURE often does: repeats endless patters and motions....on and on...etc.....unless something re-directs the 'force',the 'motion' etc....or the 'flow'... Endless chains of flow occur, called KADENA or some arnis systems..but this is not what I want bring up the clothes in these dryers spinning about and watch the patterns made by the various clothes, many colored, many white, many of all shades, they will not find a 'machine' going counter clockwise, will you? So you can see how this 'wheel' applies to you and life in general...but you may, as you gaze intently at these dryers in motion, see patterns, and apparent variations in speeds, due to weight of the loads,etc..... Here, you can, if you know how, begin to see patterns of possible flow and use THE POWER OF IMAGINATION & THE POWER OF SUGGESTION for yourself ad you gaze...... Most persons ignore these spins for more 'practical' reasons: drying clothes or chit-chat and not for possible reference to martial arts or other phases of life...... More on this topic and the various figures that one might consider....another time.

गो विथ थे FLOW

Over the years, I have criticized those who who say or advocate,'GO WITH THE FLOW' when the directions of the FLOW are not specified or understood and THE PATH has to be accepted before anyone can do anything or know the aims or goals or where one will end up.....a great risk....without knowledge but only belief as a guide.... When it comes to martial arts, you cannot expect 'enlightenment' to occur in BUSHIDO, for example, or any particular martial arts, such as aikido, karate,etc. without practicing the essential movements and many frequently attempt to do.... 'GO WITH THE FLOW' might just as well be stated as 'GO WITH THE GLOW'! No amount of concepts and diagrams will make you an ice skater, a gymnast, an acrobat or a martial artist because techniques must be learned first....and these are sometimes rudimentary basics...which can and do evolve into patters and forms...which are often neglected and disdained for 'FREE STYLE' or anything goes....but free style is something that one achieves only after an intense discipline and not from haphazard attempts and efforts....usually with a guide or mentor or teacher...etc. whatever title one chooses to select for this....but one can, from one's varied experiences over the years discern some things, especially from GREAT NATURE.....certain patterns and 'flows & glows' and motions that exist.........these can be used to perfect martial arts and other things....