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Some implements from Tibet

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Remembrance is a periodic process whereby one remembers or recalls certain images, events,circumstances,happenings,experiences, people, relatives and other things from the past, that are essentially one's own.! Ponder this a bit. It is an important aspect of life to remember and to remember one's self most of all. There is a certain duty, an almost ceremonia laspectto all fothis and perhaps that is why on certain days of the year certain memories are best recalled and remembered.


There is avast body of FALSE KNOWLEDGE that plagues the modern world and it has a great allurement,seducing the minds of both young and old, while it masquerades as 'DIVINE' OR 'SCIENTIFIC' or'HEALTHY'! Advocates of these systems ofFALSE KNOWLEDGE arise daily and establish trends that appeal enough to form an addiction to their various stimuli. The DANGERS of FALSE KNOWLDEGE are not to be ignored or denied as any excursions taken along THE PATH OF FALSE KNOWLEDGE will prove.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ask any sniper or hunter and you will find that the concept of CONCEALMENT is very important. Concealment can be called a blending in with your environment or surroundings so that you appear to be part of the landscape but at a much higher level, INVISIBLE, not present on any level. Playing the idiot,the fool, the clown, can also do this in certain places and certain times. What this means is that your intentions are concealed, not read in any 'body language' terms or gestures or subconcious movements discernible by astute observers of mannerisms and the like. On a mental level it means not betraying or revealing your mindset, your beliefs and thoughts,etc. On an emotional level it means not showing pain or joy or other emotions even though you may well feel them. This includes signs of thirst, pain, anger,etc. All this, as you might well know, is what is necessary to survive,should you be subjugated to them, the modern methods of interrogation and torture, as well as others, should you, as a warrior,be captured! There is much more to this as you might well imagine and for now this is perhaps too much for you to swallow.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The usual list of THE FIVE SENSES: seeing,hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling are supposedly well-known to everyone who has them,though some people are deprived of one or two or more of them by nature and other circumstances,of course. Then there is the notion of a 'SIXTH SENSE' sometimes equated with ESP! Anyone know who first came up with this notion of Extra-sensory Perception? Will give you the answer sometime later after you wade through these posts of mine. Technically, there are more senses than the traditional five. One is the kinesthetic sense which is important for martial artists and yogis, and occultists. It also involves the principle of leverage when it comes to performing 'tricks',stunts''feats' and 'miracles'. There is a difference, however, between the senses and 'SENSING' which few persons know how to do and this will be a first focus for those who seek to know more about such intangibles as "KI','CHI','QI' or 'GHI' and even that elusive KUNDALINI.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The concept of SILENCE is not merely being quiet but that is a start,especially in most forms of meditation,whether yogic or zenist,etc. Most people are far too talkative, verbose, and given to noise of all kinds. Their favorite subject is usually themselves and their doings and interests,etc. I am no exception as you will see, no doubt,but my goal in expounding things is to leave them for others to mull over and ponder as they see fit, rejecting or accepting, affirming or denying. In some cases this sort of silence means being rather unknown or anonymous but there is a deeper meaning which is expressed in this term: TAKIYAYAH OR TAQIYA which runs the risk of being misunderstood by those who are no versed in this. Many so-called MASTERS of various disciplines,whether martial arts or meditation or occult areas are both flamboyant and verbal and even literate, publishing volumes of things for a variety of reasons. The Silent Masters, difficult to locate, let alone understand, seldom come with the ordinary person's scrutiny or social sphere. The old saying, 'WHEN THE PUPIL IS READY, THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR' applies here,no doubt, but many who pin their hopes on this sort of passive approach, may end their lives with no teacher at all.