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Some implements from Tibet

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Hand-in-hand with stealth is the concept of EVASION which means eluding your enemies or those 'hunting' or 'stalking' you and involves the other important concept, often discussed in martial arts, but seldom practiced or understood: NON CONFRONTATION or DIRECT ASSAULT. In future posts, I will try to discuss without compromising those who know of such, the principles and concepts and some applications for those interested in expanding their martial arts background


One of the most important and least understood of martial arts concepts and applicatons is that of STEALTH. Very few dojo-trained martial artists understand stealth and its applications for several reasons that will be discussed at another time. While military men, warriors, and hunters, and others may know about stealth needed to conduct certain operations, especially at night, which is another entire subject that needs elaborate and practical treatment, ordinary persons usually relegate the concept of stealth to 'walking on tip-toes' or 'sneaking about' much like a cat or a stalker(hunters and snipers are actually stalkers but by another name). It can also be described as 'walking through the world silently', leaving no trail or footprints(either literally or figuratively). If any trace of presence is left, the marks, nearly invisible and unnoticed, can only be read and discovered by those who know!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ordinary life is often seen as monotonous and with little way to accomplish things beyond the humdrum. We often ignore the ordinary and hope for the sensational as well as the complex. But the truth is that ordinary life is the best path to be on though it is the most difficult to follow! Yes, you can give everything in ordinary life, as so many have, to become a priest, a monk, a minister, a warrior, a yogi or a fakir,etc. but the overall characteristic of your life, will not be certain and actually be what you really should be. In future blogs if I am able to do so, I shall discuss why ordinary life offers more than all the other pathways put together. Let us first look at LIFE, which is all that we have at the moment. Never mind so-called 'immortal souls' or Heavens or Hells or Afterlife or any of this NON-SENSE(meaning, of course, not easily apprehended by the five or more senses we possess). Without LIFE where are you? Who are you? Why are you? How are you? These questions have always been asked and the answers vary from teacher to teacher and group to group. You have to find your own answers to such and this is why ordinary life is so difficult. Ordinary life does not offer you a quick and easy solution. Whereas all these other paths offer you ready-made, seemingly logical, emotional or physical answers to all of life's great questions only if you accept everything, right off, and follow that path. Life's ordinary demands are often enough for most of us but we don't realize it until our life is no longer and that is why life is so important, and,of course, right now.


There are three traditional paths: THE WAY OF THE FAKIR; THE WAY OF THE MONK; and THE WAY OF THE YOGI. The main problem of embarking on these path, which may be both occult and esoteric as well as involving other things too numerous to mention here now, is that you cannot be sure of reaching the goal or the aim that you may have in your life! If you decide to embrace any or all of these paths you will be unable to decide things for yourself because all is set up for you and you cannot know where you will actually end up. How many have embarked on these and found, nearly at the end of their lives, they had made a great mistake or else succumbed to the delusions that such has brought them great gains, either in happiness, prosperity, health, accomplishment, and even Paradise! Also, the members of these Paths usually attempt to persuade others to follow these paths and pursuits and that they are generally absolutely right and correct in their assumptions, beliefs and so forth,sometimes making it appear others are in error and delusion. This might well be the case, of course, but one has to live one's life, however, long or short.